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Unlocking the Power of Healthy Nutrition

At Restore Health Center in Bonita Springs, FL, we understand the pivotal role nutrition plays in overall health and well-being. Led by Jennifer Narrell, our Business Manager and a devoted advocate for healthy living, alongside her husband Dr. Eric Narrell, we offer comprehensive nutritional counseling services. With 18 years of experience in fostering health and wellness in Southwest Florida, Jennifer’s expertise in nutrition is a cornerstone of our approach to holistic health.

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Our Approach to Nutritional Counseling

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Personalized Nutrition Plans

We recognize that each individual has unique nutritional needs. Our counseling sessions are tailored to meet your specific health goals, whether it’s weight management, disease prevention, or general wellness.

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Educational and Practical Guidance

Our services extend beyond mere consultations. We empower you with practical knowledge, teaching you how to make informed choices in grocery shopping, understanding food labels, and selecting healthy options.

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Nutritious and Delicious Recipes

Healthy eating doesn’t mean sacrificing taste. Jennifer Narrell shares an array of healthy recipes and tips to transform your current recipes into more nutritious options, ensuring that healthy eating is both enjoyable and sustainable.

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The Foundation of Good Health

Clean eating is more than a diet; it’s a lifestyle. It involves choosing whole, natural foods and minimizing processed items, which is fundamental to maintaining good health and preventing chronic diseases.

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Support for Weight Loss

For those interested in weight loss, our nutritional counseling offers guidance on how to achieve this goal healthily and sustainably, without resorting to drastic or unhealthy diets.

Nutritional Counseling
at Restore Health Center

Enhanced Overall Health

Learn how to nourish your body for optimal health and vitality.

Weight Management

Tailored nutritional advice for effective and sustainable weight loss.

Increased Energy Levels

Balanced diets lead to improved energy and stamina.

Disease Prevention

Diet plays a key role in preventing various health conditions.

Mental Clarity and Well-being

Proper nutrition can improve mental health and cognitive function.

Customized Dietary Plans

Personalized nutrition advice that caters to individual health needs.

Educational Grocery Shopping

Learn to make healthier choices while shopping for groceries

Healthy Recipe Alternatives

Discover ways to make your favorite dishes healthier.

Support for Special Dietary Needs

Guidance for managing allergies, intolerances, or specific health conditions.

Family Health Promotion

Encouragement and tips for a health-conscious family lifestyle.

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Why Choose Restore Health Center for Nutritional Counseling?

Expertise and Experience

With Jennifer Narrell’s extensive knowledge in nutrition and Dr. Eric Narrell’s medical expertise, our team offers a unique and comprehensive perspective on health and nutrition.

A Community-Focused Approach

Dedicated to improving the health of the Bonita Springs community, we provide services that are not just about individual health, but also about fostering a health-conscious community.

Ongoing Support and Commitment

Our commitment to your health extends beyond the counseling sessions. We provide ongoing support and motivation to help you stay on track with your nutritional goals.

Start Your Journey to Optimal Health

Nutrition is the foundation of good health, and with the guidance of Jennifer and Dr. Eric Narrell at Restore Health Center, you can embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you. Join us in Bonita Springs, FL, and take the first step towards transforming your health through the power of nutrition.

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